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Parke kaip oro uoste. Niekas kaukių nenešioja. Turbūt jau 70% draugų ir pažįstamų persirgo covid-show liga. Gal ir daugiau, juk ne visi mes turim laiko kaišioti pagaliukus į nosį. O gal ir nepaujatem kad sergam. Nešiojam ir toliau skleidžiam gėrį.
Prisiminiau dainą:
- O kaip norėčiau aš vėl
- Gripu susirgti...
Ir priduriu.
Kas dieną miršta nuo bado sukeltų ligų 15.000 vaikų. Dėl covid-show šitas skaičius didėja šuo metu. Nes vis daugiau žmonių iškrenta iš pinigų žaidimo...
#covid-show #tradefree #retardedsociety

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TROMjaro laptopas

Šiandien pirmą kartą sėkmingai atidaviau Laptopa su TROMjaro. Asmuo važiavo dvi valandas iki manęs. Aš jam į traukinių stotį nunesiau laptopa, taip pat daviau power bank, USB ir 10£ naujam pakrovejuj. O jis norėdamas atsidėkoti atidavė man savo Apple belaides ausinės. Po dviejų valandų parašė kad labai patinka laptopas. I love the Laptop.
#tradefree #laptop #tromjaro #freestuff #en3 #uk

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Right now there's the Chaos Communication Congress 2020 which is an event organized by Europe's largest association of hackers - the Chaos Computer Club. I watched the talk from the world renown climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf ( about tipping points in the earth system and it was very interesting.

He explained very well the dangers of climate change and talked about coral bleaching and the ice melting:

However, he was not talking about human behavior or our trade-based society that pushes people to create problems. It is so unfortunate that most scientists are highly educated in their field, yet they know very little about important and relevant topics like human behavior and our trade-based society and don't question those. Yes climate change is a huge problem, but we also have so many other problems, so we cannot focus only on decarbonizing our economy which he was talking about.
We have to emphasize on trade as the core problem and focus on trade-free goods&services, because when asked what can people do, he was emphasizing to go on the streets and vote... and when asked what the chaos computer club can do, he didn't really knew what to answer, yet these hackers can create trade-free software and online services like they do already kind of.
To me it's a bit like people kinda understand that trade is bad, like it's bad when you offer something but you collect data at the same time or you want something else in return for that, but they just don't have the word for it. And here's where trade and trade-free comes into place. That makes it just so simple to understand and cuts through the bullshit.
After the talk I created a twitter account and wrote him a comment about our website:

I don't know if he looks into that, but it's worth to share it. Because people like him understand that humanity faces huge challenges and we can not solve those if we don't address our trade-based society...
I can only emphasize to read our book "The Origin of Most Problems":

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I made a new video which is basically about my life story. I want to get better and better at making videos, so I keep playing around :D let's see how it goes :)

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Make sure to update TROMjaro

Make sure you update TROMjaro while working out
#tradefree #myworkoutarena

Luke Smith peertube (AP)

Millenniyule 2020: Luke Smith

This was Millennial Woes' interview of me for Millenniyule 2020. He was mostly interested in talking about self-reliance and "being independent of the system" and such, so nothing too baste and red-pilled here actually. Regardless, here it is.

trom unkn (AP)
Mysteries of Sleep

Why do we sleep? And what does sleep have to do with memory, trauma, and our emotions?

Watch it here:

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A new TROMjaro release - we moved to Kernel 510 :). Plus a few minor changes. Read the release.

I worked a lot on customizing Calamares today, the install program for TROMjaro, and I love how it looks now. Before you could tell it is an ugly duck that doesn't belong there. I finally was able to fix that.

I also added back the image hotspot feature on - now using gifs ;) - this explains TROMjaro pretty well for new users.

Yah so it was TROMjaro and VN work these days. But am happy with the result ;). Now these trains are working! #tromlive

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Trade-free meal

Trade-free meal- every bite connects you to another world of taste.
#tradefree #freemeal #freefoid #uk #en3
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Roads should be abolished!

Roads are the indirect cause of most social misery in the world. Why? 👉 Let's find out! WEBSITE: 🌐❓🔎 DONATE NOW:
Raimondas Lapinskas friendica (via ActivityPub) an interesting thoughts.
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@Luke Smith you should write a book about economics and post at

trom unkn (AP)
Human Nature


Watch it here:

O galima updatinti ? @admin @friendica
Yra problemų su naujausia versija. Neveikia video grotuvas ir nuorodas į linkus neteisingai rodo.
Dar suinstaliavau naują serverį kitame domene Ir tas veikia naudojant senesnę versiją.
Patariu kraustytis tenais, nes šiame serveryje registraciją jau uždariau ir vėliau ketinu peradresuoti į
supratau- perejau.

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Gym without bullshit

I want to share trade-free gym. What is your trade-free product?

Understand the image by reading this post (update no 4 is a fresh update).

This image is bliss :). It is how we organized our social networks. Automate them. And moved away from posting on ad-networks or using them. We only use Friendica for everything, but all of our posts and updates go everywhere. Users can choose where to follow us. And it is less work for us. And free. #tromimg

I managed to cut it, render it and now it's online :) lots of work... sometimes I think maybe I've read a bit too much text, I'm also thinking should I make them more detailed and inspect every page or skip some pages, to continue and not make it too boring - idk, I guess it's tricky to find a balance, but for now I think it's okay. There will be one more video about the "Accept"-chapter and then "Get ready" will come. Very very interesting! The most interesting book I know of that's out there ;) #tromlive

PeerTube: Accept - Part 1 (Aaron)

Trade-free telefono power bankas(visiškai naujas). Tik Trade-free žmogui. Dalinkitės savo Trade-free produktais. Pasiimti UK en3.
#tradefree #freestuff
Skirtas iphonuj bet krauna mano Samsung s7 bet nekrauna blackview bv6300

Nekoks graviatorius, nepirkit, jei kam reikia pasiimkite UK en3. Bet tik jei esi TRADE-FREE žmogus.
#tradefree #freestuff

Skaudus būdas pašalinti savo plaukus. Pasiimti UK en3.
Tik jei esi trade-free žmogus.
#tradefree #freestuff #giveaway

Trade-free strength session at Trade-Free gym

Deadlift 180kg
10sets 3 reps

Having broadband issues, but very bad issues, no proper internet that even can make a signal call for a minute.
As I am running trade-free and gym getting a lot of donations so I am giving a lot of live stream sessions :)
#tradefree #myworkoutarena #gym #deadlift

Jeigu norite pakeisti pasaulį- tai šansas, pasinaudokite juo! Padėkite paskleisti trade-free idėją ir šį projektą.Ačiū

TROM II: Help me make it.

TROM II: Help me make it.

10 years later, we need a TROM sequel. And we need your help to make it.

In 2011, I (Tio) created a 14h documentary called “TROM” that was about encompassing all of the knowledge I had about the world at that time, and compressing it into a video format. It was, in my view, a tiny manual of who we are and what we do on this planet. More importantly, it was about what we can do to change the ugly face of this society into a saner one. Ten years later, I want to do it again. To add another layer to the story. Based on all of the knowledge I have gathered up until now, I want to give it a second try. Today, I know a lot more than I knew in 2011. Several written books later, thousands of documentaries/lectures/videos and articles that I’ve seen/read in these past years…all of that I want to merge into an epic journey that I call TROM II. From analyzing in detail what shapes human behavior (genes, chemicals, sexual attraction, morality, violence, ethics, etc.), to the ideas of communism and socialism, capitalism, technocracy and sustainable communities, to today’s data collection and ad-based platforms, to the many volunteer based organizations and the idea of trade, and the overall entity that is the human society. It is going to be a massive journey, another manual of who we are and what we do. And, as the first TROM emphasized, what we can do about all of this. #tromlive #trom2

Donate here:

Giliavandenis naras yra įstrigęs jūros dugne su 5 minučių deguonies likučiu ir be vilties išgelbėti. Turint prieigą prie nuostabaus archyvo, tai istorija apie neįmanomą vieno žmogaus kovą dėl išlikimo.

Trys identiški keistuoliai

1980 metai, Niujorkas, trys įvaikinti jaunuoliai susitinka ir išsiaiškina, kad jie trynukai, kurie buvo atskirti po gimimo. Tačiau jų siekis išsiaiškinti kodėl, virsta keista ir grėsminga paslaptimi.

ar cia yra gyvu?

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Nežinau apie tio, už draugus balsavau.
dėl ateivių tai
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@Mikas Sakalauskas ateiviai irgi gerai, va čia gali sužinoti apie tio ir TROM
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