Understand the image by reading this post (update no 4 is a fresh update).

This image is bliss :). It is how we organized our social networks. Automate them. And moved away from posting on ad-networks or using them. We only use Friendica for everything, but all of our posts and updates go everywhere. Users can choose where to follow us. And it is less work for us. And free. #tromimg

I managed to cut it, render it and now it's online :) lots of work... sometimes I think maybe I've read a bit too much text, I'm also thinking should I make them more detailed and inspect every page or skip some pages, to continue and not make it too boring - idk, I guess it's tricky to find a balance, but for now I think it's okay. There will be one more video about the "Accept"-chapter and then "Get ready" will come. Very very interesting! The most interesting book I know of that's out there ;) #tromlive

JustTelly: Accept - Part 1 (The Elephant in the Room)

Trade-free telefono power bankas(visiškai naujas). Tik Trade-free žmogui. Dalinkitės savo Trade-free produktais. Pasiimti UK en3.
#tradefree #freestuff
Skirtas iphonuj bet krauna mano Samsung s7 bet nekrauna blackview bv6300

Nekoks graviatorius, nepirkit, jei kam reikia pasiimkite UK en3. Bet tik jei esi TRADE-FREE žmogus.
#tradefree #freestuff

Skaudus būdas pašalinti savo plaukus. Pasiimti UK en3.
Tik jei esi trade-free žmogus.
#tradefree #freestuff #giveaway

Trade-free strength session at Trade-Free gym

Deadlift 180kg
10sets 3 reps

Having broadband issues, but very bad issues, no proper internet that even can make a signal call for a minute.
As I am running trade-free and gym getting a lot of donations so I am giving a lot of live stream sessions :)
#tradefree #myworkoutarena #gym #deadlift

Giliavandenis naras yra įstrigęs jūros dugne su 5 minučių deguonies likučiu ir be vilties išgelbėti. Turint prieigą prie nuostabaus archyvo, tai istorija apie neįmanomą vieno žmogaus kovą dėl išlikimo.

Trys identiški keistuoliai

1980 metai, Niujorkas, trys įvaikinti jaunuoliai susitinka ir išsiaiškina, kad jie trynukai, kurie buvo atskirti po gimimo. Tačiau jų siekis išsiaiškinti kodėl, virsta keista ir grėsminga paslaptimi.
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